Editors’ holiday gift guide 2016 3

Compiled by Amy Haagsma; proofread by Maggie Clark

It’s that time of year again, so with the help of the Editors BC executive, West Coast Editor presents our 2016 gift guide! Here you’ll find a few things that the editors in your life might enjoy. (Psst…it’s okay if that’s you.)

Gift guide for editors and writers 2014 Reply

Written by Jennifer S. Getsinger, Ph.D., P.Geo.; copy edited by Joanne King

Are you wondering what to give all the wordsmiths on your shopping list this holiday season? How about decent pay, a steady flow of work (without having to do too much promotion), and a good computer that doesn’t keep crashing in Microsoft Word? All joking aside, it’s easy to find many more-or-less affordable gifts for editors and writers. Here are some gift suggestions that will delight even the most difficult to please.