Micheline Brodeur


Photo courtesy of Micheline Brodeur.

Micheline Brodeur became a confirmed West Coast resident when she relocated to BC after earning a Diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College in Manitoba.

Following stints in advertising and non-profit public relations, she worked for the federal government as an information officer. When that became boring, she tried interior design. Eventually, she returned to work for the federal government, this time as a communications adviser.

Michelle honed her writing and editing skills through the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Writing and Publishing Program. She has three SFU certificates: a Certificate in Editing, a Certificate in Publishing, and a Certificate in Business Communication and Professional Writing.  She now occasionally freelances as an editor while winding down her government career.

Micheline is a volunteer with the Editors’ Association of Canada and a voracious reader. She is also a passionate eradicator of misused homophones: “Their a waist of a reader’s time, causing fits of peak, ringing of hands, and discrete reigning in of curses!”