Jennifer Getsinger

Contributing editor, copy editor, and proofreader

Photo by Cheryl Hannah.

Jennifer Getsinger has been a contributing editor, frequent copy editor, and frequent proofreader at West Coast Editor since 2007.

She has worked as a writer, editor, exploration geologist, geological editor, university geology instructor, English language and literature tutor, Olympic Games X-ray security operator, and typist.

Says Jennifer: “Volunteering with EAC-BC’s West Coast Editor includes proofreading, copy editing, and writing shorter and funnier articles than my monthly article for Resource World magazine. In fact, MS Word Readability Statistics would suggest that my geological writing would put you to sleep, but not quite as successfully as a stratigraphy monograph.”

Something people generally don’t know about Jennifer: she was a member of the Harvard Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew and once rowed starboard (#5, part of the “powerhouse” or “engine room”) on the United States Women’s Rowing Team, competing at the Eastern European Championships in Moscow in 1973.

Jennifer’s current hobbies include writing novels (not yet published), ocean swimming (she has held the record for last place in the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association 3 km Kitsilano Challenge for the past 10 years!), and handcrafting wearable “art” embellished with local seashells.