Event review: Social media for writers 4

by Frances Peck

Review of Social Media for Writers, a professional development day hosted by the Professional Writers of Association Vancouver Chapter (PWAC) on March 22, 2014.

Does the term social media make you giddy with anticipation or sick with anxiety? I’ll own up to being in the second camp. The idea of devoting an entire day to that zany online world was, for me, like contemplating a colonic irrigation: people say it’s good for you, but you’ve got to wonder if all the mess and exposure are really worth it.


Stepping gracefully 3

by Eric Damer

Review of seminar Eight-Step Editing with Jim Taylor (offered by EAC-BC on January 18, 2014)

I was resolved to take an EAC workshop this year and registered for the first likely candidate, Eight-Step Editing. Wow – did this workshop impress me! Not only did I find the content engaging and helpful, but Jim Taylor presented his program with sage advice, solid research support, amusing anecdotes and useful examples from his long experience as an editor.