Editors BC introduces new members Reply

We are very pleased to welcome Editors BC’s newest members and student affiliates.

December 2015
Gabi Green
Liz Walker
Sarah Chauncey
Susan Kehoe

November 2015
Jesse Marchand
Margot Holmes
Mary Parlange
Monique Ryley
Patricia Capar
Susan Grant

October 2015
Catherine Cleveland
Charlene Wood
Chris Fox
John Warak

September 2015
Darlene Cox
Erica Osburn
Hannah Holmes
Leena Niemela
Nathan Ehret

August 2015
Deb Amia
Kate Barnett
Maylon Gardner
Michelle Weisinger
Travis Freeland

July 2015
Cheyenne Williams
Jan DeGrass

June 2015
Bry-Anna Smith
Katie Heffring
Mike Culbertson
Paul-Christian Hansen
Reg Rozee
Wendy Barron

May 2015
Karen Barry
Lisa Ronald

April 2015
Allyson Foster
Blake Desaulniers
Erin Parker
Kendra Jesske
Kyra Nabeta
Lindsay Vermeulen
Myriam Goyette
Robin-Eliece Mercury

Image by Bigstock.

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