EAC-BC introduces new (and newish) members Reply

We are very pleased to welcome EAC-BC’s newest members and student affiliates.

October 2014
Jacqueline Leung
Katlyn Hebert
Lucie Wright
Skylet Yu
Stephanie Warner

September 2014
Amanda Bidnall
Dianne Bray
Jennifer Johnstone
Vanessa Jones

August 2014
Alexandra Harrison
Karen Wootten
Rosa Reid

July 2014
Baila Lazarus
Jena Parsons
Meagan Dyer
Orvis Noel

June 2014
Andrea Walters
Ann Graham Walker
Michael Newkirk
Pamela den Ouden

May 2014
Alicja Serafin

April 2014
Cameron Johnson

March 2014
Jennifer Stewart
Karen Autio

February 2014
Erika Hansen-Tait
Lily-Ann MacDonald
Patricia Russell

January 2014
Donna Kaye
Jocelyn Beretta
Margaret Clark
Marie Baird
Sarah Boon
Trista Baldwin
Yvonne Jones

December 2013
Kathryn Loydall
Laurel Borrowman
Nicole Drawc
Tarah Haley

November 2013
Kathleen Bolton
Rosemary McCallum
Sarah McIntosh

October 2013
Alexandra Bogdanovic
Jennifer Stew
Jill Gardiner
Kari Moslehi
Tara Sylvestre

September 2013
Cathy Gettel
Shelley Hudson

August 2013
Kathy Garland
Tanya Procyshyn

June 2013
Eric Damer
Meagan Kus

May 2013
Anya Levykh
David Antrobus

April 2013
Amy Haagsma
Joanne King
Leslie Prpich
Susan Burgoyne

February 2013
Connie Behl
Roma Ilnyckyj

Image by Shutterstock.


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