EAC-BC welcomes eight new members Reply

EAC-BC member services chair, Dee Noble, introduces the branch’s eight newest members. (Bios included.)

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to EAC-BC’s newest members: Cameron Duder (Vancouver); Davina Haisell (Bowen Island); Eliot James (Vancouver); Kevin McLane (Squamish); Naomi Moses (Vancouver); Marilee Peters (Vancouver); Corinne Smith (Jamaica); and Trevor Thurlow (Revelstoke).

I look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting, on March 20, 2013, when we will be offering a Plain Language–themed session focusing on Simon Fraser University’s role in the new international project to offer Plain Language certification. Katherine McManus, director of SFU’s Writing and Communications Program, will be the featured speaker.

If you have any questions about membership benefits, please contact me.

Dee Noble, EAC-BC member services chair

Cameron Duder

Cameron Duder used to be a university lecturer in history and gender studies. He now works as a freelance editor, writer, book indexer, and research consultant, specializing in academic and non-fiction works. He also conducts program evaluations for non-profit organizations.

Cameron is a Kiwi immigrant to Canada. He enjoys the salt air and the mountains of the West Coast.


Davina Haisell

Davina Haisell began her career at the forefront of desktop publishing, working with designers and editors to format textbooks. She later branched into advertising—as a proofreader and production coordinator—and enjoyed working with a studio team at a Toronto agency.

Now, she keeps herself busy managing her home-based editing business, blogging, and working on her first novel.

She also enjoys writing, photography, cooking, hiking, and singing with the Bowen Island Community Choir.


Eliot James

Eliot James is excited about building a writing and editing career in Vancouver. She recently graduated from the Print Futures: Professional Writing program and interned as assistant editor at the Out On Screen Film & Video Society. Her latest gig is writing editorial, news, PR, and marketing copy at Douglas College.

Eliot recently joined EAC-BC’s Public Relations Committee and looks forward to getting to know other EAC-BC members.

In her downtime, she enjoys drawing and learning to play the guitar. She also plays soccer.


Kevin McLane

Kevin McLane is a long-time author of Western Canada climbers’ guidebooks. He also publishes climbing books for colleagues through his company, High Col Press; this chiefly involves editing complex reference works and climbing-story narratives. He also edits for a global non-profit society.

Kevin is based in Squamish.


Naomi Moses

Naomi Moses has more than 10 years of experience in editing, writing, teaching ESL, and communications. She specializes in academic writing. She received her M.A. in English from York University and will begin studying for a law degree in September 2013.

Naomi volunteers at QMunity and West Coast LEAF. She also helped found the non-profit society Friends Help Friends.

She loves travelling, biking, films, music, and her cat, Maya.


Marilee Peters

For many years, Marilee Peters was director of communications for a provincial non-profit society. She is currently developing her own communications consultancy. Over the years, she has written for and about the arts, social services, and environmental sectors and has worked in publishing and journalism. Additionally, for one brief—but never-to-be-forgotten—period, she was employed at a subatomic physics laboratory (fortunately, there were no fatalities).

Marilee has published numerous articles on parenting and family issues and, in her spare time, she writes—and then tears up—a YA novel.


Corinne Smith

Corinne Smith was once a nuclear-medicine technologist who loved English, but hated physics, nuclear or otherwise. She disliked physics so much that she took an administrative job with an engineering company in Jamaica and eventually became a technical editor. She has since learned a lot about coastal and environmental engineering, disaster risk management, and jerked chicken.

Corinne has an M.F.A. in creative writing and is working on a novel. She divides her time between Jamaica and BC.


Trevor Thurlow

With more than 25 years of experience editing everything from resumés to dissertations, Trevor Thurlow realized his dream of going solo in August 2012, when he flung open the doors to Lonesome Crow Creative, a full-service creative agency. Says Trevor, “I’ve always had a passion for words and language, particularly etymology, so it seemed to be a perfect fit!”

Trevor’s interests include archaeology, classical literature, and ancient cartography. He spends most of his free time with his wife, Amy, and their three daughters.


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