EAC-BC welcomes new members Reply

Caroline Helbig admires ancient treasures on a recent trip to Luxor, Egypt. Photo courtesy of Caroline Helbig.

FROM: Dee Noble, member services chair

Three new members joined EAC-BC in September 2012. I’m pleased to extend a warm welcome to Caroline Helbig (West Vancouver), Celia Johnson (White Rock), and Julie Prescott (Vancouver).

Learn more about Caroline and Julie, below.

I look forward to seeing you all at our next monthly meeting, on November 21, 2012, where guest speaker Dr. Lorna Fadden will offer insights on forensic writing analysis.


Caroline is an editor and writer

Caroline has a background in business marketing for the cosmetic and apparel industries and has just completed a Certificate in Editing at Simon Fraser University. She says that she had a great experience going back to school and changing gears in mid-life.

Now Caroline keeps busy building her new career in editing and freelance writing (mostly about travel and lifestyle) and in doing community volunteer work.

She enjoys hiking, skiing, skating, reading, and planning her next travel adventure.

Julie is a communications consultant

Julie is old enough to appreciate that all life’s experiences eventually blend into a useful whole. She works as a communications consultant, drawing upon her rich, varied personal and professional background, in both Canada and abroad.

Julie has worked in a variety of corporate and not-for-profit sectors, as a publicist, writer, designer, and creative director. She has also owned her own full-service marketing and communications agency.

She travels often, studies at Emily Carr University, and volunteers for The Dalai Lama Center, PAL Vancouver, and Porridge for Parkinson’s.


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